What We do? We understand that there are people who need another source of income apart from their monthly salaries or their returns from their businesses. Getting income from one stream can be very risky. We also understand that there are some with money in their banks just sitting there wishing they could invest it on something that brings better returns than the 4% interest per annum the banks offer. So where do we come in? Good question. We take those idle funds and put them into work,trading in where we are very good at -The foreign exchange market. At the end of the month,we return your capital with interest which you can put back into the system or request to be transferred to your bank. It's that simple!!. Interest could be as high as 18% or more depending on the Investment plan you choose ---------------------- Our Mission? Our mission is to help make you wealthy by putting those spare money of yours into good use leveraging our wealth of experience and contacts in diversified investment including forex and binary tradings.

About Us


Affiliate Program

Ajecrypto is a multilevel Investment platform. You receive commissions for every investment any of your downline makes. They earn you earn

Automated Withdrawals

The automatic processing of withdrawal requests reduces waiting time for all clients. This is fully automatic and no action is needed on clients part.

Easy Start

Its easy and fast to get started with. The smooth registration process with varieties of investment plans to suite your budget.


We offer training to individuals who are willing to learn Crypto trading and trade on their own. As a bonus,we'll train you on money management

Bitcoin Payment

You can also fund your Ajecrypto wallet using bitcoin or any cryptocurrency accepted by our merchants. Conversion data rate are gotten from blockchain.info


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